Public House Cinema

Creating a home for independent film in Indianapolis.


Public House Cinema's mission is to create a theater in Indianapolis which will provide a home
for independent, local, foreign, and art cinema in our city while playing an active role in the community and arts initiatives. 
A home where you can watch a film, grab a delicious beer and
stay awhile. A home that fosters community and invites discussion. A home that celebrates
art within filmmaking, both locally and worldwide.


One year ago, we began having a conversation about the rate of change in Indianapolis, and what we saw taking place. When doing the standard “Indy vs (insert other city here)” comparison, one thing stuck out. While you can see a wide range of musical acts/genres, drink an unfathomable amount of delicious craft beer, or even have a number of venues for theater, but where do you go to watch an independent film? This was the moment we started Public House Cinema. →