"Pina" — Public House Cinema



The IndyFringe Theater is hosting Indianapolis Ballet's "New Works" Showcase through March 11, and with "Spectrum of Cinema" we wanted to compliment these performances with a film.  Instantly, we thought of one of our favorites: Wim Wenders' "Pina".

Wenders was always skeptical of dance as an art form until one day in 1985. He was convinced to see Pina Bausch's "Café Müller".  He was immediately blown away and upon meeting Bausch, an instant friendship began.  Over the years, the two joked about collaborating, but Wenders never thought a film could adequately translate Bausch's unique movement and art.  Then, at Cannes, Wenders saw "U2-3D" and realized he could show the dimension of space by filming in 3D.  

In 2008 Bausch and Wenders began working together on their film, but in 2009 Bausch was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after.  Wenders, devastated, abandoned the project until a dancer in Bausch's company, Tanztheater Wuppertal, convinced Wenders to revive the project. In 2011, the first 3D art house film, "Pina", was released to critical acclaim.

Pina's art is performed, piece-by-piece, by her closest dancers in expansive landscapes, urban cityscapes, and on stage. It displays the diversity and unity of Pina's work, bringing together universal themes to create a documentary/dance film unlike any other.

Public House Cinema will be screening "Pina" along with two local short films, produced by local filmmakers, choreographers, and dancers, March 11 at 7 pm.

For tickets and more information, visit phcinema.eventbrite.com.